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Our Company

Midare Oy – Your comanion in digitalization

Our Values

Responsible service

We help our customers make decisions that we would make ourselves if we were in their shoes.

Digital Security

Our goal is to make Finland the most cyber secure by offering knowledge and suitable solutions.

a prosperous work community

We help our customers to take advantage of solutions that support the smoothness and meaningfulness of work.

Boldly onwards

We boldly develop and offer our customers solutions that support their operations.

Tehtävänämme on tarjota sujuvaa ja mielekästä arkea ict-ratkaisuiden parissa.


on olla alamme parhaan palvelukokemuksen tarjoava ict-alan kumppani.


on mahdollistaa mielekäs ja sujuva arki – töihin ja vapaa-ajalle.

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